Between beach meadow, forrest and fiord the nature hut Skibstedborg is situated in the bottom end of Skibsted Fiord; 100 meters from the fiord and right next to a beach meadow stretching all the way next to it.

Skibstedborg has up until 2010 served as scout club house and is well suited for parties, camps and holidays for the larger family.

The house itself has a large dining hall with room for 50 persons. In two bunk rooms and two smaller rooms there are beds for 50 persons. The small forrest have walking paths suited for families with children. There is also a barrow in the forrest and barrow downs in the close vicinity.

On the fiord it is possible to windsurf, kitesurf, canoeing and kayaking – oh, and bathing.


From April to October cattle is grazing the beach meadows. The cattle is part of a program to sustain the beach meadows in Thy. Beach meadows are cultural landscapes or biotopes, requiring some degree of intervention and not being able to sustain itself on its own. If left to their own, the beach meadows would eventually transform into a shrubby or bushy seashore habitat.



Practical information:

·        208 sq. Meters

·        Two rooms with bunkbeds for 45 persons.

·        One double room with two box madrasses.

·        One triple room with bunk bed.

·        Tables, chairs and tableware for 50 persons. 

·        Refridgerator, deepfreezer, two gas top stoves with ovens and consumer grade dishwasher.

·        Toilets og 2 shower rooms.

·        Parking and room for telts.

·        1 shelter 

·        100 m to the fiord. Bathing shoes is recommended.

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